Monday, 31 December 2012

New years greetings!

Thank you people for being part of the wonderful year. 2012 brought many ups & downs for me, usually ups. Thanks to all you awesome people to make things so much better and the downs so bearable. I'm glad i got to know who my true friends are. Thank you for sticking by my side and for listening all the crap i talked and giving me such cherishable memories. And for everyone else, thank you for being my friends and a part of my roller coaster life!

Hope your roller coaster ride is as chocolaty and sweet as mine. Looking forward to meet more people, make new stories and add more chapters in my memory book. And since, it would be my graduating year, i am more than excited. I have plans to travel once i am done with this last semester. As for now, after my exams, I've got so many books lined up. So January would be a good month reading wise. :)

And well. I'd try to post more often. My schedule just keeps me so busy. I hope i'd get a relief from Spring semester since i'd be taking less courses. I plan to read more novels as i already mentioned and also because  i got a few from KIBF. And yes, i'd write a review on each. 

Oh, and i have yet to make a new resolution. You can read my last year's resolution here:
What's  your new year's resolution? :)
And well, check this picture i came across on 9GAG facebook page:

I found it cute and funny lol! Well, till next time.. take much care!

Thanks for visiting. :) Have a blessed new year!

Christmas and some memories..

My eyes yearn to see a lovely decorated christmas tree. Reminds me of the times when we used to travel. Christmas time is so fun in western side. Lots of shopping. Lots of love. [Chocolates too] and then, you get discounts on almost everything! And the lovely songs.
I remember once when we were UK, in a mall, this lady came to us with a tray of wine glasses and offered it to us. The samplig/testing for free. She was dressed as an elf, looked totally pretty. We didn’t try the drinks. But i wanted to. Not for the sake of drinking. But for the sake of sharing the happiness. Everyone was so joyous. Oh, and i got free chocolates that day. We roamed around and did some shopping. I like how the prices go down instead of going up (like they do in Pakistan during Eid lol). 
and now i miss my school. I remember how i bought a christmas gift for my Vice Principal from there. She was so touched and from that year on, she always invited me on Christmas party at her place. And i remember how i was the one who sang, Jingle bells in the class, because others didn’t know the lyrics well. LOL. And when i was a kid and in a different school, my christian friends used to give me greeting cards on every Eid. They were so sweet and thoughtful. I literally miss those days. Such cherishable memories.  
And seriously, why can’t we celebrate all the good occasions? If those christian friends could wish me on Eid then why can’t i wish them on their festivals? It’s just sharing the happiness and love after all. No ones asking you to share or sacrifice your beliefs. But i don’t know. People make these things a matter of life and death. Matter of strong faith and beliefs. But they don’t understand that if you get happy in someone’s happiness, you are not necessarily agreeing with what they believe. Your faith is a matter between you and your God. For once if we just think of the greater good, and act human with all the humans, how cool would that be, right? 
Well. On that note, Merry Christmas to all my friends who are celebrating the happiness and love.:) xx 

p.s. This was posted on my tumblr and facebook on the christmas day. So i thought to add it on the blog too.

p.p.s. Here is the link to my tumblr :

Friday, 9 November 2012


So i advice something to a friend today. A good friend who is going through tough times. I liked what i ended up writing. So i thought i should share. :)

"Everyone of us face issues. Sadness is a part of life. Well, i hope you cope up with it pretty soon. Some emotions are just too strong. Overwhelming. And the one who suffers through it, only knows how it feels. But well, i hope you get out of it soon. And don't let sadness control you. its just a part of you, your life. Don't let it reflect your image, because that's not you. You're more than that. And there's a huge mountain of emotions. Don't coat it with the sadness. Let it out."

And well, Smile.. because it can work wonders! :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Complex like a chocolate bar!

There comes a time in life when you realize your own mistakes and you cant help regretting your acts. Some actions are deliberately done but some happened, unintentionally, unplanned. And if such mistakes make you regret your actions, what's the better way of getting away with the feeling? Repeat the action again and give a chance to that mistake to become correct? Or accept what happened and realize that it was never meant for you and move on?

Some decisions, as much simple as they seem, are contrastingly quite twisted and tangled. They work as eye opener at times. But they make you more confuse too. 

And at that crucial stage, when you're surrounded by lots of important decisions to be taken care of, the more you try to focus on things and prioritize them, the more you loose concentration and your thoughts keep getting scattered which adds up to the problems. 

In such a situation, what's the best way out? Deal with the flood of problems? Or just stay calm and build an ignorance boundary around you and be indifferent?

Yes. Life is complicated at times! And what i decided to do was, sort out the problems one by one. I ignored the main problems of my life, the things which might turn my life upside down or atleast give a shaking jolt to my life, were ignored. May be it wasn't a wise decision, many people might think that. But it helped me in prioritizing. I knew i'd waste time in solving things which were just not in my hands so i focused on the immidiate issues, got them solved and smiled.. Yes, i smiled. Even during the most crucial times of my life, i always thank God for everything. I am thankful that wherever i stand now is far more better than the place i was standing earlier. Every passing day, i am more closer to achieving my goals, more close to something better. That makes me smile and motivates me. And all these things, some ignorance and some chocolates keeps me going! :)