Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas and some memories..

My eyes yearn to see a lovely decorated christmas tree. Reminds me of the times when we used to travel. Christmas time is so fun in western side. Lots of shopping. Lots of love. [Chocolates too] and then, you get discounts on almost everything! And the lovely songs.
I remember once when we were UK, in a mall, this lady came to us with a tray of wine glasses and offered it to us. The samplig/testing for free. She was dressed as an elf, looked totally pretty. We didn’t try the drinks. But i wanted to. Not for the sake of drinking. But for the sake of sharing the happiness. Everyone was so joyous. Oh, and i got free chocolates that day. We roamed around and did some shopping. I like how the prices go down instead of going up (like they do in Pakistan during Eid lol). 
and now i miss my school. I remember how i bought a christmas gift for my Vice Principal from there. She was so touched and from that year on, she always invited me on Christmas party at her place. And i remember how i was the one who sang, Jingle bells in the class, because others didn’t know the lyrics well. LOL. And when i was a kid and in a different school, my christian friends used to give me greeting cards on every Eid. They were so sweet and thoughtful. I literally miss those days. Such cherishable memories.  
And seriously, why can’t we celebrate all the good occasions? If those christian friends could wish me on Eid then why can’t i wish them on their festivals? It’s just sharing the happiness and love after all. No ones asking you to share or sacrifice your beliefs. But i don’t know. People make these things a matter of life and death. Matter of strong faith and beliefs. But they don’t understand that if you get happy in someone’s happiness, you are not necessarily agreeing with what they believe. Your faith is a matter between you and your God. For once if we just think of the greater good, and act human with all the humans, how cool would that be, right? 
Well. On that note, Merry Christmas to all my friends who are celebrating the happiness and love.:) xx 

p.s. This was posted on my tumblr and facebook on the christmas day. So i thought to add it on the blog too.

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