Monday, 31 December 2012

New years greetings!

Thank you people for being part of the wonderful year. 2012 brought many ups & downs for me, usually ups. Thanks to all you awesome people to make things so much better and the downs so bearable. I'm glad i got to know who my true friends are. Thank you for sticking by my side and for listening all the crap i talked and giving me such cherishable memories. And for everyone else, thank you for being my friends and a part of my roller coaster life!

Hope your roller coaster ride is as chocolaty and sweet as mine. Looking forward to meet more people, make new stories and add more chapters in my memory book. And since, it would be my graduating year, i am more than excited. I have plans to travel once i am done with this last semester. As for now, after my exams, I've got so many books lined up. So January would be a good month reading wise. :)

And well. I'd try to post more often. My schedule just keeps me so busy. I hope i'd get a relief from Spring semester since i'd be taking less courses. I plan to read more novels as i already mentioned and also because  i got a few from KIBF. And yes, i'd write a review on each. 

Oh, and i have yet to make a new resolution. You can read my last year's resolution here:
What's  your new year's resolution? :)
And well, check this picture i came across on 9GAG facebook page:

I found it cute and funny lol! Well, till next time.. take much care!

Thanks for visiting. :) Have a blessed new year!

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