Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Much complicated life.

Twists & Turns. And so much complications. Yet we are living. Sometimes, without a definite ambition. Sometimes with an overwhelming goal.

A goal which makes you cross your own limits, your own records. A goal, which turns your entire self and brings out the polished version of a new you. Sometimes, the goal takes you to the height of every possibility you've ever imagined to reach. Meanwhile, these goals can be your worst enemies. Maybe when they're not fulfilled or when you just don't have one. As they say, you'd turn into a wrecked soul searching for nothing and yet you'd be feeling all the uneasiness to do something, to achieve something. But what? That's where you miss it.

What exactly these goals are? Your wishes? Objectives? Things you want to achieve? Things you want to live with? Or may be a future image of you in a better position or in a better character? Nevertheless, we all are linked with such goals, when we have one or when we don't have one.

But isn't it better to have a goal and look forward to do something in life? Without caring for the ultimate result, for the ultimate goal?

Here, another thought strikes me. If you just don't think of the ultimate result and keep making your short term goals, how would you then align all your goals with the ultimate one? with the big picture? HOW??

Well, confusions and solutions. They are a part of our twisted curvy life. What fun it would have been without much complications if we were to live a simple boring life with no curves but boring dull straight paths?

So better, live with the twists and who knows you might end up getting something which you cherish for all your life?

It could be anything. May be the F grades which made you switch your courses? or the girl/guy who broke your heart and made you realize that you deserve someone way better than her/him?

Well, life goes on with the complications. Yet, sometimes you cant help thinking about the opportunity cost. But maybe, there are better options? or maybe, you didn't deserve such greatness which you repent about? Well, in all those circumstances, one thing remains the same. You cant just let go of a few things no matter how hard you try. You just cant. And so, i just cant..<3