Friday, 17 February 2012

Complex like a chocolate bar!

There comes a time in life when you realize your own mistakes and you cant help regretting your acts. Some actions are deliberately done but some happened, unintentionally, unplanned. And if such mistakes make you regret your actions, what's the better way of getting away with the feeling? Repeat the action again and give a chance to that mistake to become correct? Or accept what happened and realize that it was never meant for you and move on?

Some decisions, as much simple as they seem, are contrastingly quite twisted and tangled. They work as eye opener at times. But they make you more confuse too. 

And at that crucial stage, when you're surrounded by lots of important decisions to be taken care of, the more you try to focus on things and prioritize them, the more you loose concentration and your thoughts keep getting scattered which adds up to the problems. 

In such a situation, what's the best way out? Deal with the flood of problems? Or just stay calm and build an ignorance boundary around you and be indifferent?

Yes. Life is complicated at times! And what i decided to do was, sort out the problems one by one. I ignored the main problems of my life, the things which might turn my life upside down or atleast give a shaking jolt to my life, were ignored. May be it wasn't a wise decision, many people might think that. But it helped me in prioritizing. I knew i'd waste time in solving things which were just not in my hands so i focused on the immidiate issues, got them solved and smiled.. Yes, i smiled. Even during the most crucial times of my life, i always thank God for everything. I am thankful that wherever i stand now is far more better than the place i was standing earlier. Every passing day, i am more closer to achieving my goals, more close to something better. That makes me smile and motivates me. And all these things, some ignorance and some chocolates keeps me going! :)