Sunday, 6 January 2013

Such complicated love..

Things would have been so much easier if love was as easy and simple as its spelling is. But well, it doesn't go that way. 

You know, I have always believed that love can happen not only once, but again and again. I think love has a certain degree of intensity. And everytime we love, we're at different degrees. We explore such feelings and intensity which we felt never before. Everytime we love, we reach some degree of love. At times, stronger, and at times, weaker. But the love is there. And it would still be called love. 

I know it sounds confusing and hard to understand. But recall the feelings of love, you've ever felt? And no, i am not taking about infatuation here.  

We all love not just once but many times in life. Some we forget, some we tend to hold on. And that's what i am talking about. If you're still holding on to your feelings for someone, who might or might not be present in your life, you sure can fall in love again.  Love doesn't ask for permission now does it? It just happens. In a moment. Suddenly. Without expectations. Even during worse of the times. 

And eventually, we can live and we do live by loving so many people at one time. Here, i am referring to family. But otherwise, i believe love could happen, at a time, with two different people.  And it doesn't apply that we cheat with out partners or spouse, no. Not at all. It just means you've that sacred feeling for someone. Or a few of them. Sounds funny, yeah? Sometimes it's just hard to put in words what exactly you feel. And trust me, words don't do justice. Not most of the times. I know the concept is complicated and difficult to understand and not digestible to most of us. But this is just my opinion and believe and i don't expect people to conform with me.

Anyways, call me stupid or crazy. I still believe love just happens. With two people. At the same time. 

But then, the way our society thinks and works? Reading all of this would only lead those minds to nowhere but cheating. Cheating on your spouse. Boyfriends/girlfriends. But i never said to cross the limits, did i? We can always love and draw some boundaries. Its such a sacred pure feeling. Why would you want to loose it? I believe in cherishing the memories. Small good memories. And we all should hold on to such moments. Forever.

p.s. I hope the post isn't too confusing. 

p.p.s. If it is, don't bother complaining. I just wrote what i wanted.

This picture isn't my property. I just got it from the internet. :)


  1. Yes, it is confusing :p
    Just to add to that pic, true love is when you discuss that boring show you watched.

    1. Lol. I didn't expect anyone to exactly get the idea. Oh i just added the pic randomly. Love is one of those things too! :')

  2. I completely understand what you're trying to say. Nice post.

  3. That is confusing. But also very true.
    Why care about society?!

    P.S I'd never watch Gossip Girl.

    1. Lol. I don't. Just gave words to those thoughts.

      p.s. Do people really watch Gossip Girl? I mean, cmon. We've Dexter!

  4. We are born to stand out. Who cares bout the society! Let's just love.